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Quality Home-Based Child Care: An Important Part of the Early Care and Education Infrastructure 

Across the U.S.A., government agencies and foundations of all sizes are rediscovering the important contribution family child care homes make to our early care and education infrastructure. Yet family child care homes have been closing at an alarming rate and in many communities, those critical slots for infants and toddlers aren’t replaced. 

As you work to build the supply of high-quality family child care homes, there is no “one size fits all” model for success. The challenges of starting and sustaining a family child care business are daunting, as is the task of supporting these critical small businesses. 

FCCA can help you in three key areas: 

Planning, whether strategic or operational, we can bring an informed outside view to the table.  As a thought partner in planning, our role is to challenge your assumptions in order to validate or improve your plans. The goal is help you build the best solutions possible that evolve to meet new challenges or opportunities. 


Environmental scans and research should be part of every major project. We understand the family child care landscape. Whether scouring for data or canvasing experts, we have the time and research skills to support your projects. 

Family Child Care Associations can be a tremendous partner in your efforts to build a sustainable supply of high-quality family child care homes. Associations can help amplify your message to providers, ensure you are getting the views of providers, and partner with you to effect legislative and regulatory changes. We can help strengthen associations through leadership training, board development and helping associations develop the operational skills needed for the association to grow and thrive.


Your team wants to make a difference, using the best solutions possible. We can help. 

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