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High Impact Organizations Begin with High Performing Boards 

Great boards empower an Executive Director and serve as true partners in the execution of the organization’s mission.


The hallmarks of a high performance board include: 

  • Enthusiasm for a clearly articulated organizational vision and mission. Your board members need to feel as passionate as you about the organization’s mission. That enthusiasm generates the energy to keep a board engaged.  

  • An equally deep commitment to building the board “team.” This allows for honest debate and discussions, which in turn contributes to making the best decisions.  

  • A clear understanding and agreement about the role of the board and each of its members. This keeps the board focused on governance responsibilities and not operations.  

  • A regularly reviewed set of governance and process documents that underpin the board’s responsibilities and actions. These critical documents include bylaws, board officer roles, committee charters, conflict of interest policies, etc.  

  • Efficient operations. This includes meetings where the focus is on making decisions, ongoing and effective board recruitment/on-boarding, and empowering committees.  

FCCA works exclusively with nonprofit organizations like yours in the early childhood education sector to maximize the benefits of an energized and effective board of directors.

Let us help you: 


When everyone can see the vision, and understands the mission, the organization functions more effectively, board members are more engaged, and allows you to recruit the right board members (and not just warm bodies!) 


Make no mistake, your board is a team and as with any staff team, team cohesion needs mindful development and attention as board members cycle on and off the board. 


Just like well functioning departments and organizations, boards need clearly defined processes and the habit of following those processes. This ensures the most effective board operations that transcend changes in board members. 



Your bylaws, conflict of interest policies, committee charters, etc. underpin your processes to help improve board operations, decisions and keep you out of court! 


A great board will put a smile on your face. Let us help make that happen!

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