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Building and sustaining a family child care association is hard work

If you're a leader in an FCC association, chances are high that you still have your family child care business open. That means your leadership responsibilities are on top of a 50-70 hour a week job. Even so, across the country, family child care providers like you step into these leadership positions. They do it because they know FCC associations can provide members with:



Family child care can be a very isolated job, and peer-to-peer support can help providers through the rough days, make better decisions, and learn about...



In addition to helping providers learn from each other, associations can and do serve as essential sources for best practices and relevant information from federal, state, and local agencies. This is even more important during the Coronavirus pandemic.



Associations give individual providers a voice at the table. Whether it's related to QRIS, zoning, the food program, licensing, etc., associations are the experts when it comes to an understanding of the needs and perspectives of family child care providers.


In addition to the benefits for providers, strong FCC associations benefit your states and local communities. Associations help develop:

Leaders from the ranks of family child care providers.

​​Advocates that speak forcefully about the benefits of family child care and its importance to children, families, and communities.

Partners that can work with local and state agencies to develop and implement strategies to grow the supply of high-quality family child care homes.


Family Child Care Associates can help you grow your family child care association through:



A strong board is the foundation of a sustainable, high functioning association. FCC Associates can help your board develop in three critical areas needed for board success: governance, leadership, and teamwork.



Managing a small, nonprofit association using all volunteers is hard. FCC Associates can help your association become more efficient and effective across the organization through the use of technology, streamlined processes, and communication.



Every association needs an engaged membership. FCC Associates can help your association develop a membership recruitment and retention plan to attract new members and, more importantly, keep your current members. 



Too often, FCC associations don't take advantage of all the potential income opportunities available to them. FCC Associates can broaden your board's vision about potential funding sources, and help your association develop the plan and processes needed to raise more revenue.

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